Thursday, 20 March 2014

difference between server.transfer and response.redirect

Please find below for list of difference between server.transfer and response.redirect

1. Response.redirect sends message to the browser saying it to move to some different page, Server.tranfer  doesn't send the message to the browser and it redirect the user directly from the page\server itself So it means there is no round trip in Server.Tranfer but response.redirect is having has round trip and put load on the server.

 2. Using Server.tranfer you can't redirect to other, it means if you are working on so, from you can't redirect from to But cross server redirection is possible on Response.redirect.

 3. By Server.Transfer  system can preserve application\page information. It has a parameter called as "preserveform". Therefore, the existing query string etc.

 4. In Server.Tranfer  url on top of browser won't change it shows the previous page url. But in Response.redirect  it shows the current URL only.

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