Saturday, 22 March 2014

how to read xml file in c#

There are many ways to read the XML file like XMLReader , XMLTestReader, XMLDocument.
Read XML file using  XMLDocument

Suppose you have the XML as

loop through the collection of employee from  each of employe  retrieve its first and phone number;

@Code snippet
   class Program
        /// Main method

        public static void Main(String[] args)
            Program _app = new Program();
            // Passing XML text as a String, you can also use the
            // XMLDocument::Load( ) method to read the XML from a file.


        //Call method to print the values
        public void printValue(String strName, String strPhoneNumber)
            Console.WriteLine("{0} - {1}", strName, strPhoneNumber);
        //Process the XML values
        public void ProcessXML(String xmlText)
            XmlDocument _doc = new XmlDocument();
            //  _doc.Load( _strFilename); //alternat way to read from a file.
            XmlNodeList _Name = _doc.GetElementsByTagName("Name"); //Name is name of node
            XmlNodeList _phoneNumber = _doc.GetElementsByTagName("phonenumber");
            for (int _i = 0; _i < _Name.Count; ++_i)


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