Friday, 24 July 2015

@HTML.Action and @HTML.RenderAction in MVC

Action and renderAction are similar to Partial & RenderPartial helpers.
Partial helps to view render a portion of view model using view markup in separate file.

Action execute a separate controller action and display the result. Action offer more flexible and reuse because the controller action can build a different model and make use of a separate controller context.

Difference in action and renderaction is the render action writes directly to the response.

Public class Mycontroller : Controller {
Public ActionResult Index()
return View();
Public ActionResult Menu()
{ Var Menu = GetMenuItems();
Return PartialView(menu);

The menu action Build a menu Model and Return Partial View

@model Menu
@foreach(var item in Model.MenuItem)
<li> @item.text </li>
You need to call action like
<title> Index</title>
<body> @html.Action(“menu”);
<b> Welcome </b>

Menu action is marked with a child action only  attribute. 

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