Monday, 28 December 2015

Create New SSL Certificate using IIS 8.1

Create New SSL Certificate

  1. Open IIS; open the run window by window + R, than type inetmgr like below. Then click on Ok.

  1. Internet Information service will open than select the server from left and you will get the list of option as like below screen. On it select the server certificate.

  1. Click on open feature on the right side of the screen for Create New SSL Certificate

 4.  Once it open you will able to see the list of certificate that is installed as below

  1. Now right click on it (on the screen and click on “Create Self signed Certificate”
Than wizard will open like below and will Create New SSL Certificate

  1. Once you click on Ok it will create certificate like below

  1. You can export the Certificate and you can give the password to it like below.
Just right click on certificate and click on export.

Give the location and provide the password as like below; you will get your own SSL certificate

9 You can see the icon like below for certificate;

Installation of SSL certificate;

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