Monday, 28 December 2015

Install SSL Certificate

You can see the link to creation of SSL certificate

You have the icon like below for creation of certificate.

  1. Click on the icon of SSL as provided to you and then it will open a wizard like below; File extension should be .pfx file.

Select option and based on your need and click next than I will ask for location and click next.
  1. Now you will get the below screen which is asking for password provide the password as system administrator has given.

  2. Now click on next; after one more screen you will get the finish screen like below. Click on finish.

  1. Now you can see the installed certificate as like below Open the run (window +R). Type MMC.

  1. It will open the MMC console now select the

  1. It will open the below window from it select certificates.

15 It will ask for which certificate, select it from here;

After one more screen, just click on finish.

  1. You will the certificate at right and than click on Ok;

  1. Now you can see the certificate over there as like below;

  1. Just explore and check with trusted Root Certification. You can see lot of certificate along with      your created certificate;

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