Sunday, 31 January 2016

How to call Stored Procedure in Entity Framework

 Entity  frame work providing the option of adding, updating or deleting the records. It is also giving the way of calling the store procedure in entity Framework to Insert, Update and Delete the options.
Entity framework will create User defined function for store procedures.
 Let’s see how we can add call the store procedure in entity frame work.
1.              Creation of store procedure in database.

Entity framework code first example

A simple example of code first approach in entity frame work.

1.       Take the reference of entity frame work from Nugget Package and install it.

Top 30 Entity Framework Interview Question

1.       What is Entity Framework?
Entity Framework is based on Object Relation model (ORM) framework developed by Microsoft.
It will automate the Why of interaction between database and your code. It makes your application as rapid develop by overriding for creating of framework for all your
It make easier to access Data base using linq query.
You can access the tables and storeprocedure detail in c# code and perform the crud operation very easily.

2.       What its advantage?
Advantage of using entity framework is to generate the automated code to interact with data base. Its make your application in fast pace of development.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Angularjs Tutorial for beginners – Part2

Continuing the article what I left in previous article; will cover.

·         What is AngularJS  Filters
·         How to use AngularJS Events             
·         How to do Validation in AngularJS Forms
·         How to use $http in Angular JS
·         How to call service or WebAPI in AngularJS 

Please see the part one before proceeding with this article.

1.    AngularJS Filters

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Angularjs Tutorial for beginners – Part1

This articles is for whom who is going to start working on angularJs and want an over view of it and basic directive. Target audience is only AngularJs beginners.

Once you reed you will get the answer of.
1.       What is angularJs
2.       What is directive in angularJs
3.       How data is binding in angularJS.
4.       What is expression in angularJs
5.       What is modules and controller in Angularjs
6.       How angularjs follow MVC architecture
7.       What is two way binding in angular.

What is AngularJs

       AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

web api with entity framework example in MVC

You can give the answer of below question after complete this exercise.

  • Webapi example in mvc 5 
  • How to add Web API to an existing ASP.NET MVC (5) 
  • Differnce in WEBApi Controller and MVC Controller
  • List of Verb in WebAPI
  • How to place Routing for WebAPI
  • How to check the WEBApi Get
  • How to use Advance Rest Client.
  • How to  Check WEBApi Post
  • How to  Check WEBApi Put
  • How to  Check WEBApi Delete
  • Convert object to json in MVC.
  • How to Use WebClient to call WebApi
  • How to call WebApi through Webpage
  • call web api from mvc controller
  • How to declare local variable in MVc in Loop
  • How to use @Html.BegainForm
  • How to create Partial view.
  • How to call partial View in MVC
  • How to call web api post Action WebClient
  • How to call web api Put action WebClient
  • How to call web api Delete in WebClient.
  • How to delete record in web api using WebClient
  • Edit operation in mvc 4 with model pop

Demonstrating a simple application using MVC, WebApi and EntityFramework;
Web api example in mvc 5

Monday, 4 January 2016

convert hexadecimal to decimal c#

I tried to find out but did not get proper solution for convert hexadecimal to decimal c# and finally after some research i find it out. So thats why  posting that solution even it is one liner.

string hexValue = "00037FFEBCCBD966";