Friday, 20 May 2016

Visual studio shortcut keys.

Find out the Visual studio shortcut keys which helps in day to day development activity and makes your development fast. These visual studio shortcut keys and just common keys to use.

Short Cut Key
Ctrl+C , Ctrl+Ins
Copy Content
Ctrl+X, Shift+Del
Cut content
Ctrl+V, Shift+Ins
Paste content
Ctrl+Shift+V, Ctrl+Shift+Ins
Cycle Clipboard Ring, paste the multiple copy content
Del, Ctrl+Del

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Javascript Interview Question

1.       What is JavaScript?
2.       What is feature of JavaScript?
3.       Where we can use JavaScript.
4.       What Advantage and Disadvantage of JavaScript?
5.       What is difference in JavaScript and Asp Script and which is faster.
6.       Which has invented JavaScript?
7.       How to defined variable in JavaScript?
8.       What is Undeclared and undefined variables?
9.       What is global variable in Javascript?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

AngularJs Service, Factories and Providers

 Service in AngularJS

AngularJs Service, Factories and providers are all injectable types.
An AngularJs service encapsulates specific business logic & exposes an API to be used by other components to invoke this logic.

e.g. $timeout service executes function after specifies interval. $http service encapsulates the logic required to interact with REST backbends.

AngularJS service is always Singleton.

Service is registered using service function of angular.module().
The Second argument to service() is a constructor function to inject the service.