Thursday, 19 May 2016

Javascript Interview Question

1.       What is JavaScript?
2.       What is feature of JavaScript?
3.       Where we can use JavaScript.
4.       What Advantage and Disadvantage of JavaScript?
5.       What is difference in JavaScript and Asp Script and which is faster.
6.       Which has invented JavaScript?
7.       How to defined variable in JavaScript?
8.       What is Undeclared and undefined variables?
9.       What is global variable in Javascript?
10.   What are scope of variable in Javascript?
11.   What is variable typing in Javascript?
12.   How can we convert string to in in Javascript?
13.   How to declare array in JavaScript?
14.   How to read values of array in JavaScript?
15.   How to define function in JavaScript and call function?
16.   How to return values in JavaScript?
17.   What is anonymous function in JavaScript and how to define it?
18.   Can we pass anonymous function as argument of another function?
19.   Is JavaScript support Overloading?
20.   Is JavaScript is case sensitive?
21.   What is escape character in JavaScript?
22.   What Void (0) in JavaScript denotes for?
23.   What in Null in JavaScript?
24.   How to do comments in JavaScript?
25.   What is isNaN function in JavaScript?
26.   What is “this” keyword in JavaScript?
27.   What difference is in == and ===?
28.   What are loops in JavaScript?
29.   Explain the For in loop?
30.   Explain while loop?
31.   What is foreach() method do?
32.   What are types of popups in JavaScript?
33.   What is javascript Cookies?
34.   How to create Javascripr cookies?
35.   How to read Javascript cookies?
36.   What in Pop() method do?
37.   What is push() method?
38.   What is Lenth() method do?
39.   What is indexof() method?
40.   How to convert lower case to upper in JavaScript?
41.   What is break and continue keyword.
42.   How to add new element dynamically?
43.   How to add style or class to any HTML element via JavaScript?
44.   How to get property of any element.
45.   How to submit form in javascript?
46.   How to handle click event of button.
47.   How to handle onblur event in javascript?
48.   How to create generic object in javascript?
49.   How can assign values to object?
50.   What are different type of error you will get in javascript?
51.   What is “Strict” mode in javascript?
52.   how TypeOf() operator work?
53.   How to print page using Javascript?
54.   What is Date function in javascript?
55.   How to get status of checkbox?
56.   How to read value of input control?
57.   How to get the selected value of combobox?
58.   What is Window.onload and onDocumentReady?
59.   What is Event Bubbling?

60.   What is deferred script in JavaScript?

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