Thursday, 27 April 2017

Angularjs Details

What is Angular JS ?

AngularJS is a MVC framework and powerful library  that enhances HTML by attaching directives to html pages with new attributes or tags and expressions in order to define very powerful templates directly.
(Extending HTML) Declare dynamic views in web-applications( SPA)Extend HTML vocabulary for web application.
Angular JS 1.3  - Faster , Easy and Powerful

Why Angular JS?
Magical two way data binding
Structure front end code -MVC (solid and testable code)
Routing support ( State based  and View based) – SPA
Templating done with HTML 5
Enhanced User Experience with  form validation
Teach HTML new  syntax with  directives ( say HTML 6)
Embeddable, testable (Jasmine)  and injectable (DI)
Embeddable à Angular with Require JS / jquery
Powered by Google and active community

Advantage of Angularjs
Great for SPA (Single-Page Applications)
Two Way data binding
Dependency Injection
Module and scope level Development which keep your code clean.
Structured way of coding and exted it by angular tags
In build and user defined  directive make code clean and help to perform task easily.

IDE for Angular JS
2.Sublime Text
3.Aptana studio 3.0
5.Visual Studio 2012/2013  (for .Net Developers)
6.Jetbrains Webstorm 
7.Net Beans

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