Saturday, 8 December 2018

Issues on Python configurations

Register the python in environment variable if Python command in Giving error in your terminal.
To see the Environment variable in command Terminals as
Echo %path%

To set the environment variable in the terminal.
setx path "%path%;C:\Python27;"

If above one will not work then set environment using the below path.
Control Panel à View Advance System setting à Go to Advance Tab à Envinoment Variable à Edit

Add the path into the Last of Variable Value and click on Ok.

Setting up the PIP [ Set the values like above] 
PIP recides in script folder C:\Users\XXXX\anaconda\Scripts

Installing the tensorflow for  64 bit Window Operating system
It is for Mac installation
pip install --upgrade

Windows  installation for Tensorflow
pip install --upgrade

Find out the different version from here

If you are having code it is easier to install Tensorflow by below Command for 32 bit

Tensorflow for 32 bit Windows Operating system.
conda install -c hesi_m tensorflow 

Tensorflow for windows 32 bit.

It is better to make a fresh anaconda environment for your experiments

Installing Keras for your application will be like below
conda install -c hesi_m keras

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