Saturday, 9 February 2019

Call python code in C# using IronPython

Why it’s required?

Python has lots of  useful library that we can utilise in our application and get that functionality in our webapplication. So just trying how to get the python features in MVC applications.

Using the Ironpython  to call the python code in C# code.  Follow the steps and use the below code to call the python code.

1.       Taking the reference of IronPython  using the Nuget Package as like below.

Print value of textarea using javascript

We are facing the problem to print the full textarea text when using the default browser print. It will print the full content of the pages which will print only that text which is visible to the textarea.

Content which is not displaying or go out of page due to overflow. Please use below code to see that.

We are having the Textarea and div control and when we click on the print then it will hide the text area and put the Textarea text to div